Sabic Europe Toastmasters

“SABIC Europe Toastmasters provides a supportive and participative environment for SABIC employees to learn the arts of public speaking and listening – vital skills that promote effective communication, self actualization and enhanced leadership.”

Word of the President

”I am pleased to announce that Toastmasters club SABIC Europe has been formed in 2011. Although we are still a small club we are happy to build on the experience of our Saudi colleague and our coaches from Toastmasters ( John Rouse and Helene Kemmere). The club is a good mix of all functions and levels of seniority. The club provides the SABIC members with the best environment possible to improve their communication and leadership skills. Sofar almost all members have given their icebreaker speech and are eager to develop their competences even further. The club is also a good break from the daily office routine and creates new networks of people. I hope that we will grow to a club of 40 members within the next year, and have a strong foundation for the future. New members are more than welcome.”

Sabic is a corporate club for employees of Sabic only.  If you want to receive more information about the Sabic EU Toastmastersclub, please fill out the contactform underneath.

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